Playstation 4: My Initial Thoughts

After having the PlayStation 4 for a week now I can somewhat say… I’ve barely touched the surface. The ‘current’ generation of gaming consoles (wii, xbox 360, PS3) have been around for nearly a decade now and plenty of time to play with and test things. Even when an update dropped it didn’t take too long before I knew what was new and how to use it.
This new generation it takes time. I have one game, Knack, and several apps, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. I have yet to download anything else to see how it works as I’ve spent my time playing the game.

On Saturday 7th December I managed to get a moment to upload a short clip of Knack onto facebook using the share feature and the first thing I noticed it didn’t take long at all. However the one thing that stood out was the contrast. I’m not sure exactly why – maybe there is a setting – but the contrast went dark and does not fully replicate the in game play.

As I’ve said barely touching the surface I am fairly certain it will be a few weeks before I know how to utilise this console at its full* potential for how it should be played. After all this is a gaming console and it will take a few more games before I get the full scope.


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