PlayStation 4: Potential Heating Risk

Aside from trying to figure out how to title this to make sense to myself as well as you there has been something on my mind.

If you did not know already I own the PlayStation 4. Purchasing it on launch day I had no real expectations of what this system could do other than play next gen titles, share, blu ray and a few other things. The console system itself has achieved those with ease. I am fortunate enough to have no intitial problems with my console unlike some stories circling the internet.

From day 1 I have noticed a potential issue for owners of the  PlayStation 4. The air circulation at the back of the console. I have my console placed in a fairly open location aside from a few wires. (Image below of ‘set up’)Image

As you can see the space behind the console is plenty enough room for the air to circulate – I realise some may say the heat may bounce back but that is not it. The immediate area behind the console heats up like a warm tea. 

…So aside from pointing out my set up and talking about the heat what this is addressing is the fact ENCLOSED AREAS are NOT ideal for keeping this console on. Thats a NO to:

  • TV storage unit
  • Shelving Units
  • Cluttered areas
  • stuff near the console

and probably many more. Just go careful when using your console is my advice.


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  1. Mine is set up similar to yours on top of my desk, I’ve noticed it gets a bit warm sometimes but probably wont be an issue for me. It’s just when some people cram them into tiny cupboards that it creates an issue like you said

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