Do you enter competitions?

Competitions. Something that offer reward for often little work. Be it a text, signing up to a newsletter, answering a question right or even – with social network being a huge focus for many competitions – retweet or share/ & like. 
 Many – if you are like me – avoid the competitions that require signing up or doing something just because its effort and the chances of winning are extremely unlikely. Well… recently upon a friend winning a competition with a prize of £500 off a tour holiday its time to start entering them. 

I feel there are so many people that don’t bother that you can only increase your chances by entering, just fill out a form and done. Submit a photo and done. sign up to an email and done. and so many more just go for it there’s no stopping you. Everyone has the same chances so why not. Take the initial chance. Take that step closer to being a winner as you never know what you could win… specially if you enter loads of competitions. 

GOOD LUCK & I hope you win!


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