Gardening as a hobby?

I wonder every time I find a new garden or I step into a well groomed area of wilderness what it is that keeps people doing their gardens. It’s not often I get a chance to step into my own and work on a patch or a project. In fact the last time I did that in my own garden, was my project on my shedlow – a shed converted into a little house/bungalow – involving painting and removing the shrubbery and general gardening but this was last summer.

Anyways on with this specific blog itself and the reason for the writing of it.

I have recently taken on task of helping a friend, who happens to be a gardener, on a garden project. The garden is fairly big and is a multiple day job spread over time. Ranging from weeding, trimming and all the other gardening type things that get done… (I know what I’m doing. Honestly)

The ending to this post shall be a before and after picture of the work done today. So here it is…. The project and it’s new current state.






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