Where do I look?

Ever find yourself just staring into the distance at something..?
Well today I did exactly that. I was staring at a sticker on a light. Why? I hear you ask. Well I will tell you.

This morning had a dentist appointment and I was required to sit a lengthy amount of time whilst the dentist put mirrors and metal pointy things in my mouth. So automatically she, or he depending on your dentist, will be leaning over looking into your mouth whilst you look back up awkwardly not trying to stare into their eyes…
So I focused on a sticker on the light just past the dentists head. However as I said before this is a lengthy time so I found myself staring into the eyes of the dentist themselves and occasionally the reflection of the masks to see what they were doing in my mouth…

But you wonder… Whilst staring into their eyes what have they seen? Where have they been? Eyes are an interesting part of the anatomy. Teeth however… F*** teeth.

Note: take care of your teeth.


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