Thoughts on: Assassins Creed Unity

Taking a turn for the revolution in Paris, France. The next edition to the assassins creed franchise allows you start start young with a, I could be wrong, 3 mission introduction which I thought was very pleasing. I look forward to playing through the games missions.

I’m a fan of Les Mis so walking the streets whilst the riots build allow for a real feel of that time. The naturally beautiful game allowing a scenic view to make the climbs to the highest points worth it.

I, personally, have not come across any bugs so far however a friend on PS4 has had many error codes pop up causing missions to not save and a need to restart the game a common occurrence. Along with this I gave the coop with him and again his luck was down with the inability to kill any enemies therefore leaving him almost useless to the co op mission.

As for the Xbox one well my brother recently got an Xbox one and well to put it simply he has to reinstall the game after EVERY mission and this can take hours… Not a good start for that console it seems.

So overall I’ve only touched the surface and there’s a lot more to delve into but as any other assassins creed the game will no doubt be shared and passed round before taking its place on the shelf. There’s plenty of games to play and I’m in no rush.

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