Thoughts on: Destiny on PS4 – I return from a hiatus. 

I previously wrote an post on my thoughts on destiny, found here: Thoughts on: Destiny on PS4 original post, and it was my thoughts on destiny to that date. Id loved it. Clocking numerous amount of hours on it that Id rather not say… It’s a lot.

Well I got three characters, two levels 32s and one with the potential to be 32, and a whole host of exotics and legendary guns to support a small army. I finally managed to beat the dark below – CROTAAAAA – on hard mode and after doing it a few times on each character for a few weeks I felt Id accomplished everything to that point so I took a hiatus. 

Well that was now two months ago now and I have returned. Simply to test to my luck with the loot system and drops from night falls. However after helping a friend on the dark below raid… I found myself wanting to get something new. I was after Flawless Raider. The last trophy I needed to get a platinum. 

After 3 days of being back on and getting the feel for the raid again it was time to get my trophy game on. Grouped up with some friends we took a few attempts and were on a nice run for one of them…. But we didn’t lock out fire team and therefore a random joined and spawned in… Dead. That’s the raid run over. Group called quits at that point we didn’t want to over do it and had things to do.

I took another attempt later and this time with one other person. We dominated the raid even with a few of Crotas glitchy moments he went down and the trophy unlocked. I have new confidence in the ability to take less into the raid now and am certain with a bit of time and practice more of my friends will be able to share in the greatness of a platinum. 

A game worth the platinum with a mix of story related trophies and online related. Destiny was (and is…) worth the money.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Destiny on PS4 – I return from a hiatus. 

    1. Thanks due, I’d say the best thing out there for this is destiny lfg website. Find randoms on Hard Mode then when you’ve got the right sword bearer then it’s time to give it a go 🙂 good luck

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