PlayStation 4: Potential Heating Risk

Aside from trying to figure out how to title this to make sense to myself as well as you there has been something on my mind.

If you did not know already I own the PlayStation 4. Purchasing it on launch day I had no real expectations of what this system could do other than play next gen titles, share, blu ray and a few other things. The console system itself has achieved those with ease. I am fortunate enough to have no intitial problems with my console unlike some stories circling the internet.

From day 1 I have noticed a potential issue for owners of the  PlayStation 4. The air circulation at the back of the console. I have my console placed in a fairly open location aside from a few wires. (Image below of ‘set up’)Image

As you can see the space behind the console is plenty enough room for the air to circulate – I realise some may say the heat may bounce back but that is not it. The immediate area behind the console heats up like a warm tea. 

…So aside from pointing out my set up and talking about the heat what this is addressing is the fact ENCLOSED AREAS are NOT ideal for keeping this console on. Thats a NO to:

  • TV storage unit
  • Shelving Units
  • Cluttered areas
  • stuff near the console

and probably many more. Just go careful when using your console is my advice.

Playstation 4: My Initial Thoughts

After having the PlayStation 4 for a week now I can somewhat say… I’ve barely touched the surface. The ‘current’ generation of gaming consoles (wii, xbox 360, PS3) have been around for nearly a decade now and plenty of time to play with and test things. Even when an update dropped it didn’t take too long before I knew what was new and how to use it.
This new generation it takes time. I have one game, Knack, and several apps, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. I have yet to download anything else to see how it works as I’ve spent my time playing the game.

On Saturday 7th December I managed to get a moment to upload a short clip of Knack onto facebook using the share feature and the first thing I noticed it didn’t take long at all. However the one thing that stood out was the contrast. I’m not sure exactly why – maybe there is a setting – but the contrast went dark and does not fully replicate the in game play.

As I’ve said barely touching the surface I am fairly certain it will be a few weeks before I know how to utilise this console at its full* potential for how it should be played. After all this is a gaming console and it will take a few more games before I get the full scope.

Raffle Winner!

I’ll give you a few details to give a back story to this post. 
 During the months of October and November my tattoo parlour put on a raffle to win free tattoo sessions. It costs £2 to enter and you are put into a pool of numbers with your name. The numbers stay in the hat until the raffle has ended so each week if your number hasn’t been pulled then there will always be next week – good right?

So I entered because I could. I had £2 in paypal account and thought

“what’s the worst that could happen?” 

So weeks pass no luck and I forget about it. UNTIL TODAY… after being in a shoddy mood just wasting the time away and I then see my number! My number came up! I couldn’t believe it so I posted and asked if my entry from weeks ago still counted… Sure enough it did! I WON!

Mood changed. Smiles all round. It was perfect timing.

24 Hour Library!

As an previous art student I have had no real need to use the library but coming on to a course studying Government, Law, Public Sector and so on I can officially say the Library is useful.
 Just the other day I spent over 14 hours studying the same topic, Law and the Criminal Justice System, in a 24 hour library! And what a life saver that was; I would never have gotten so much work done if it wasn’t for the quiet areas and the some what forced work atmosphere.
 However it isn’t just about the atmosphere I have been required to find information from various sources and using books gave me clear and precise information rather than using the internet which anyone can contribute too.


Have to make sure my referencing is a legitimate source and books are the safest way.

“brb gunna go f…

“brb gunna go fly a kite”

So I saw this the other day and it was instantly stuck in my mind. Unsure of whether to accept it as a standard quote of something someone had said OR if it had some sort of meaning…

so baffled by what it was then – on Saturday – I have since decided that it was way of saying.. I don’t care or this is boring me.

So what is this blog about? Nothing really… It was just on my mind.

Its a New Blog

My first time on WordPress and I like it. After using blogger as a film review for a couple years and a few changes in my life I have embarked on the venture of WordPress.

As mentioned this is not the first blog I have done after having a successful – or what I felt was successful – I took a break and slowly forgot about it. It wasn’t until I got to University that I noted how many people had blogs. Some have blogs for their course, some have been advised and others are genuinely into writing – after all this is a sort of diary just not in the traditional sense.

I personally just like the idea of writing for people to read and some would argue that its a form of expressive art, after all…

“blogging is graffiti with punctuation” – Contagion 2011.

So sit back, relax and enjoy a slice of my life.