“Oh” – A response – Is it not enough?

“Oh.” That is the word that people use when they are expecting something to be said but instead hear something different. It is the word people use when they are disappointed, confused or trying to hide their initial reaction. Well in fact “Oh” is the initial reaction and thus speaks more than you know.

In recent months I have been asked countless times what I do or what I plan to do and I am always met with an “Oh” as if what I am doing, or what I plan to do, isn’t enough. It’s disappointing that when people ask you something and you don’t give the “right” answer that you receive this disappointing response.

I tell people what I do for work, what I do for my free time, what I plan to do in the future all the time. Its a conversation that you have more than you realise. If you see someone who you haven’t spoken to for a while they want to know. Family may ask, friends may ask and the list goes on. People want to know because people are curious to everyone else’s lives.
The world is on this loop of what has to happen next as if what is happening now just isn’t enough. Well it is, now is enough. What you have now is more than what someone else may have or is enough but you’re blind sided by the next thing to appreciate the now.

I don’t quite know where it is I’m going with this post. Its been a long time since posting and I have many blog posts backed up but I just wanted to share this with you so if anything take the following from this post and take the time to appreciate yourself. You deserve it.

What you have now is enough, what you do now is enough, and what you plan for is enough. Have your aims, goals and ambition but just know that what you are doing for you is the perfect amount. Don’t try and live to everyone else’s expectations. Live for you. Live for now.