Throwback is coming…

It’s been a long time since my last post partly because I haven’t been able to complete the posts I start and also I’ve just lost the way with blogging.

This year has been a long and winding road with every corner bringing something new. I’ve made choices that – to some – may seem silly or wrong but I’ve also made them on my own accord at what felt right at the time.

Over the next month or so as we come up to 2016 I’ll be – or I should say TRY to be – taking time to write about these choices and what 2015 has thrown at me. So if you do choose to take the time to stick with me and read the tales and adventures then you’re more than welcome to if not then no worries be on your way and enjoy life.


Do you enter competitions? #2

So if you happen to follow my blog or have had a look through my posts you may recall I wrote about how I never really entered competitions until a someone I know started winning.

Well… An update for you. I WON AN iPAD. That’s right I entered a competition a few weeks ago now and answered a correct question on a live-stream from The National Lottery. And wallah I have my prize. An iPad mini arrived a few weeks after and just happened to be what I am writing this on!

So get out there and enter! There’s something to be won! 20140627-233039-84639178.jpg


I apologise for the bad photograph on the last one.

“brb gunna go f…

“brb gunna go fly a kite”

So I saw this the other day and it was instantly stuck in my mind. Unsure of whether to accept it as a standard quote of something someone had said OR if it had some sort of meaning…

so baffled by what it was then – on Saturday – I have since decided that it was way of saying.. I don’t care or this is boring me.

So what is this blog about? Nothing really… It was just on my mind.