Thoughts on: Destiny on PS4

A bit of Halo, a bit of Borderlands and I can’t see any Call of Duty. I love it.

Seriously though my thoughts on Destiny are as much as you would expect. Its an huge universe based game that has masked loading screens with the ship floating through space… this isn’t to be focused on though. You have a whole range of weapons and armour with tiers to keep you interested and your character fresh. A repetitive, but fun, raid aspect which you aim to defeat the hive and their bosses to level up, pod racers… well not quite but it feels like you are in star wars! and so much more.

I’m happy with what I purchased and would recommend to others its definitely one that the companies, BUNGIE & Activision, have successful marketed and campaigned. This game to be the biggest game of the year without any competition. Lets hope they update it through the coming year or so rather than putting it on a 1 year life cycle.

Highlight of the game so far?

Finding a large purple ball that you can run around the tower with and watching people chase it! And coincidently finding a football too (but that I found courtesy of the internet)

Oh and not forgetting fighting Phogoth which was one of the best boss battles I’ve played in a game in a long time. The length of time it took to kill that boss was insane but needless to say we danced after killing it. VICTORY DANCE.