Thoughts on: Destiny on PS4 – I return from a hiatus. 

I previously wrote an post on my thoughts on destiny, found here: Thoughts on: Destiny on PS4 original post, and it was my thoughts on destiny to that date. Id loved it. Clocking numerous amount of hours on it that Id rather not say… It’s a lot.

Well I got three characters, two levels 32s and one with the potential to be 32, and a whole host of exotics and legendary guns to support a small army. I finally managed to beat the dark below – CROTAAAAA – on hard mode and after doing it a few times on each character for a few weeks I felt Id accomplished everything to that point so I took a hiatus. 

Well that was now two months ago now and I have returned. Simply to test to my luck with the loot system and drops from night falls. However after helping a friend on the dark below raid… I found myself wanting to get something new. I was after Flawless Raider. The last trophy I needed to get a platinum. 

After 3 days of being back on and getting the feel for the raid again it was time to get my trophy game on. Grouped up with some friends we took a few attempts and were on a nice run for one of them…. But we didn’t lock out fire team and therefore a random joined and spawned in… Dead. That’s the raid run over. Group called quits at that point we didn’t want to over do it and had things to do.

I took another attempt later and this time with one other person. We dominated the raid even with a few of Crotas glitchy moments he went down and the trophy unlocked. I have new confidence in the ability to take less into the raid now and am certain with a bit of time and practice more of my friends will be able to share in the greatness of a platinum. 

A game worth the platinum with a mix of story related trophies and online related. Destiny was (and is…) worth the money.


Thoughts on: Assassins Creed Unity

Taking a turn for the revolution in Paris, France. The next edition to the assassins creed franchise allows you start start young with a, I could be wrong, 3 mission introduction which I thought was very pleasing. I look forward to playing through the games missions.

I’m a fan of Les Mis so walking the streets whilst the riots build allow for a real feel of that time. The naturally beautiful game allowing a scenic view to make the climbs to the highest points worth it.

I, personally, have not come across any bugs so far however a friend on PS4 has had many error codes pop up causing missions to not save and a need to restart the game a common occurrence. Along with this I gave the coop with him and again his luck was down with the inability to kill any enemies therefore leaving him almost useless to the co op mission.

As for the Xbox one well my brother recently got an Xbox one and well to put it simply he has to reinstall the game after EVERY mission and this can take hours… Not a good start for that console it seems.

So overall I’ve only touched the surface and there’s a lot more to delve into but as any other assassins creed the game will no doubt be shared and passed round before taking its place on the shelf. There’s plenty of games to play and I’m in no rush.

Thoughts on: Far Cry 4

The Far Cry series grabbed my attention back when the Xbox 360 first launched in the UK. Reason why? Simply because it was one of the few games I had come across with enough people playing the online modes which – at the time – were fun. (During this time barely anyone had an xbox 360 and it still didn’t till approx 1 and half years later).

Then along came Far Cry 3 in 2012. Now this was a game that took the characteristics to the next level. Creating an enemy that everyone loved – much like Loki in the Avengers everyone loves a bad guy. The story was decent and the free roam aspect across the jungles and beaches and using nothing but Bow and Arrow stealth techniques during missions and side missions just MADE the game great – for me.

So what’s the difference on Far Cry 4? Well after getting the Platinum trophie on the PS4 I can say the game took me around 28 hours (including times I was away from the game). The story was good but not great with the choices between two characters for story missions allowing different style missions aka the guns blazing or stealthy approach. You can guess which one I went for…
Unfortunately I feel the game, as beautiful as it is, just didn’t live up to the hype of Vaas. Indeed a good game and I would recommend it but the re-playability for me just isn’t there in the Far Cry game series. Once the end mission is over well I guess there’s collectables but after awhile that takes its toll.

– So YES go buy this game and play it.
– Share it with your friends let them experience the world of Kyrat.
– Then in all honesty – once that platinum – trophie shows sell it on.

That’s my thoughts. What’s yours?

Thoughts on: Destiny on PS4

A bit of Halo, a bit of Borderlands and I can’t see any Call of Duty. I love it.

Seriously though my thoughts on Destiny are as much as you would expect. Its an huge universe based game that has masked loading screens with the ship floating through space… this isn’t to be focused on though. You have a whole range of weapons and armour with tiers to keep you interested and your character fresh. A repetitive, but fun, raid aspect which you aim to defeat the hive and their bosses to level up, pod racers… well not quite but it feels like you are in star wars! and so much more.

I’m happy with what I purchased and would recommend to others its definitely one that the companies, BUNGIE & Activision, have successful marketed and campaigned. This game to be the biggest game of the year without any competition. Lets hope they update it through the coming year or so rather than putting it on a 1 year life cycle.

Highlight of the game so far?

Finding a large purple ball that you can run around the tower with and watching people chase it! And coincidently finding a football too (but that I found courtesy of the internet)

Oh and not forgetting fighting Phogoth which was one of the best boss battles I’ve played in a game in a long time. The length of time it took to kill that boss was insane but needless to say we danced after killing it. VICTORY DANCE.

PlayStation 4: Potential Heating Risk

Aside from trying to figure out how to title this to make sense to myself as well as you there has been something on my mind.

If you did not know already I own the PlayStation 4. Purchasing it on launch day I had no real expectations of what this system could do other than play next gen titles, share, blu ray and a few other things. The console system itself has achieved those with ease. I am fortunate enough to have no intitial problems with my console unlike some stories circling the internet.

From day 1 I have noticed a potential issue for owners of the  PlayStation 4. The air circulation at the back of the console. I have my console placed in a fairly open location aside from a few wires. (Image below of ‘set up’)Image

As you can see the space behind the console is plenty enough room for the air to circulate – I realise some may say the heat may bounce back but that is not it. The immediate area behind the console heats up like a warm tea. 

…So aside from pointing out my set up and talking about the heat what this is addressing is the fact ENCLOSED AREAS are NOT ideal for keeping this console on. Thats a NO to:

  • TV storage unit
  • Shelving Units
  • Cluttered areas
  • stuff near the console

and probably many more. Just go careful when using your console is my advice.

Playstation 4: My Initial Thoughts

After having the PlayStation 4 for a week now I can somewhat say… I’ve barely touched the surface. The ‘current’ generation of gaming consoles (wii, xbox 360, PS3) have been around for nearly a decade now and plenty of time to play with and test things. Even when an update dropped it didn’t take too long before I knew what was new and how to use it.
This new generation it takes time. I have one game, Knack, and several apps, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. I have yet to download anything else to see how it works as I’ve spent my time playing the game.

On Saturday 7th December I managed to get a moment to upload a short clip of Knack onto facebook using the share feature and the first thing I noticed it didn’t take long at all. However the one thing that stood out was the contrast. I’m not sure exactly why – maybe there is a setting – but the contrast went dark and does not fully replicate the in game play.

As I’ve said barely touching the surface I am fairly certain it will be a few weeks before I know how to utilise this console at its full* potential for how it should be played. After all this is a gaming console and it will take a few more games before I get the full scope.